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    Calculated Segments at a Fixd LoD whilst accounting for Filters

    Bram Davids

      I am trying to calculate segments at fixed level of detail (Customer level) whilst taking into account the filters applied (Category) in the calculation.


      First I tried solving this using an INCLUDE to ensure the 'Customer' level was taken into account in the calculation but the resulting field cannot be changed to a dimension. Therefore the resulting segments cannot be used to aggregate my data on.


      Second attempt was to use a FIXED LoD but this results in the Category filter not being taken into account in the right way.


      What I am aiming for is that the filter (Category) is applied, the calculation for the segmentation than runs over the remaining categories, whilst in the end I am able to use the calculated segments as dimension. I have attached a worksheet giving an example of the issue that I am running into.


      Is there any way to doing this? Thanks for any insights or ideas in advance. Within my head it is so clear what I want to achieve, but whatever I try it does not get me closer to the desired result.