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    Budget Reference Line multiplying by # of Resources

    Tauseef Ali Mir

      This might have been asked before if so please direct me to appropriate link. Thanks in advance for any help

      I am showing a bar chart with week period (This represents only start date of the week) on the X axis and actual hours on Y axis. I am adding a Reference line to show budget hours per week both Budget and Actuals are associated to a cost pool #. I am getting Actuals broken down by resources assigned to each cost pool where as Budget is only at a Cost Pool and not broken down so when i am adding the reference line the budget is multiplying by # of resources assigned. Below is a scenario



      Cost Pool #CatResourceBudget Hrs Week Date1
      Budget Hrs Week Date 2
      Grand Total20002000
      Expected Total to show on Reference Line15001500


      So if both cost pools are selected in a filter i want to show the reference line total as 1500 instead of 2000 and when only one cost pool is selected say 1000 then i want to see reference line show 500 or if cost pool 2000 is selected then show Reference line at 1000.