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    How to Convert a Month String Value to Alpha Letter?

    Teresa Wright

      I am working on a viz where the data is layed out with year and month in separate columns.

      screen shot 1.jpg


      The months displayed below as numbers, which is not ideal.


      screen shot 5.jpg


      I could use a calculated field to change them to a month abbreviation. 

      scren shot 2.jpg


      screen shot 3.jpg


      The months were in the correct order, but the customer would prefer a letter instead (i.e., "J" for January, "F" for February, etc.).  This is causing a problem. Changing the String Value to a Letter sorts the months incorrectly.


      screen shot 6.jpg


      Is there an easier way to achieve get the months in order and show only the first letter of the Month?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!