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    filter multiple values with parameter and count distinct

    Sebastian Kappler

      I'm trying to get Tableau to display one value of a variable together with three coresponding values from the same variable, then I need to do calculations on the filtered values from another data source.


      The data structure looks like this:

      For KMT_AKTION_ID 1115 there should be displayed KMT_AKTION_ID_ANZEIGE 744,763,954 and 1115.

      This is stored in the datasource KMTKR_MCB1.0_Anzeige_Vorangegangen


      On the KMT_AKTION_ID is more data in another datasource: KMTKR_MCB1.0_Erhaltungen


      I did make the scenario work with this setup:


      The main data source is KMTKR_MCB1.0_Anzeige_Vorangegangen, there I create a parameter aktions_name which is in the aktions_name filter with [AKTIONS_NAME]=[Parameter AKTIONS_NAME]. Then I display Aktions_Name_Vorangegangen.


      I define the join between the two data sources:


      Now the parameter works as a filter for the values and the sum's from the other datasource is correctly displayed.


      The huge problem which I'm unable to solve after a few hours:

      In tableau I can only count distinct ( COUNTD ) from the main data source.

      In the main datasource now is only the strucure as seen above, but the data is ONLY in the other datasource!


      So what I need to have, is a seperate data source in which I can make the parameter and filter work by themselves, what I tried is joining the KMTKR_MCB1.0_Anzeige_Vorangegangen data on KMTKR_MCB1.0_Erhaltungen in a new dataset, but now the relationship between aktions_name_anzeige and aktions_name does not work anymore ( even with the join defined.. ), with my parameter setting I only have the filtered value avaliable for tableau and only this is shown.


      Has anybody dealt with something similar? Any help is appreciated!


      Thank you