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    Saving publishing details in a tableau workbook

    Amit Parihar

      When I publish the dashboard, do the publishing details such as Project selected, sheets selected and permissions get saved in the workbook automatically? My problem is that I have noticed, when I send the file to QA, or if QA downloads the file and after changing the connection details tries to publish as it is, there's often difference in the details in the publishing window. Such as the project may be pointing to default, or the number of sheets selected is wrong or the permissions are different.


      Is there anyway to save these details in the workbook itself? We developed a tool using Python and tabcmd script that allows us to download, change connection details (in XML) and then publish the workbook in the QA environment. Even when I have mentioned the project, it sometimes fails, with the error that the project permissions are insufficient and when I open the workbook, it turns out that it is because of the workbook now pointing to a different project and the permissions are set by default to follow the project's permissions.


      If I can find a way around this, it would really help, since we are dealing with a large tableau environment and many times move multiple workbooks with enhancements/fixes at the same time, which is why the tool that allows us to publish the dashboards in bulk.


      Let me know if any ideas/suggestions regarding this, if you have faced similar issues, or if more details are required.

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          Hey Amit,


          I'm not sure about Python Scripts, But I do know few details for your reference.


          1. When you do first time publish to server, you need  to do following

          Need to Select folder

          Need to name project

          You need to select dashboard/sheets/story boards

          Need to set permissions

          Mention Source as well.


          As a QA he might have different path and folder structure and it might not be the same as yours.


          in that case, you need to manual configure from the scratch.


          In came you have same folder structure also, when you change site path, you have reconfigure manually.



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            Amit Parihar

            So, if I am understanding this correctly, every time the site path is changed, the settings for publishing will be reset?

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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Amit,


              Unfortunately it sounds like your QA team is modifying the vizzes before they re-upload them. You should expect Tableau to upload in the exact state that you have it in when you do your upload (i.e. any selected filters, parameters etc are saved in the 'publishing' state). If these settings are altered then its because somebody has changed them. We have a similar setup where our developers hand over the vizzes to our web publishing team, but the only thing that seems to fall out of that process as an issue is whether or not the developer wanted the vizzes published in tab mode or not.


              Are you able to share your Python script ? I can't see why this would be any different to the activity of somebody in the QA team downloading/uploading the viz but I'm also interested in automating that process so I'm curious to see how it works.