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    Last 3 records for dates.

    Lukasz Wrobel

      Hello everyone,


      this is my first problem to be solved, so thank you in advance for looking at it.


      So, what I need is to get 3 last records (3 last days) in three columns.

      I don't need to know exact dates of them, just I want to be able to get usually 3 last of them.

      As you see in attachment there are green fields but they are under dates that they relate to, and I need them to be next to each other and without knowing the date.

      Red fields show values that do not have three records - just one or two - that is the only difference between the green and red fields.

      That is all.

      Thank you for your insight.





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          Hey Lukasz,


          Created an Last()<3 and applied filter to True

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            Lukasz Wrobel

            Hello Venkatram,


            thank you for your prompt reply.

            But it is not what I need to have.

            As you can see in the file that I have attached to my first post:

            -I don't need to know exact date, it's irrelevant, I only need last three records (which happens to be connected to date).

            -and I need them to be located in rows, not in columns, like:


            product1     record 1     record 2     record 3

            product2     record1     recodr2     record3


            and your solution looks like


            product 1  record1




            product2  record1




            That is my 'headache'