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    Create a dynamic way of comparing sales volume of the [1st to x-th] month and from [x until end] of the year.

    Alex B

      Hello @ all,


      i'm trying to find a clever way to display following column:


      Product NameSales this period : 07% Growth Sales Months of this year 01-07 vs 08-12
      AfricaProduct 1500010%
      Product 212000-12%
      Product 3200005%


      In a Dashboard i'd like to use a parameter/filter to quickly switch between the months in the red column (and only the red column).


      To be precise : i select a month, let's say "07", and my column would calculate ( sales_months_01-07 / sales_months_08-12 ).

      My Tableau Version is 10.4.


      So far i tried it with filters and parameters, but i didn't find a way how to address the needed fields and how to calculate the percentage.


      It's my first post here and i'm quite new to tableau

      Much thanks in advance.