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    Data is not coming after Cross database join

    Kashish Bhola

      Hi Community,

      I'am connecting to two Databases which are Hortonworks Hadoop Hive and Vertica

      and I'm using SQL to fetch the data and then joining these two SQL Queries with one another.

      So there are 4 cases

      1. When I'm Performing inner join

      I'm not able to get any values from both the tables.

      2.when I'm performing Left Join then also I'm not getting any values for right table

      3.when I'm performing Right Join then also I'm not getting any values for Left table

      4. When I'm performing Full outer Join I'm getting values, But the problem is when I'm taking a measure from vertica and putting it with Hive's Dimension then it is giving blank all the values are going into NULL.


      Mahfooj Khan Sir can you help if you have any idea on this!