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    Gantt Chart, shadow to represent "weight" of the bar

    Eduardo Montes

      Good day to all


      I am trying to make a Gantt Chart to represent pending tasks and workload. Since my data is sensitive I created an example with dummy data. The bars represent the due date minus 45 days if the order is on time (green bars) or due date is approaching (yellow bar). If the order is overdue (red bar) the bar represents due date plus 45 days.




      The problem for my client is that the bars are not representative for the workload. When you group them you can't have a clear view of how many orders do you have, meaning that if you have several orders at the same date the bar will stay with the same size. The size of the bar is obviously tied to duration but, is there any way to reflect the weight of this bar based in the number of orders, like for example, having a shadow, or a gradient palette? In the case of a gradient palette, it's crucial to maintain the actual color code. A label is not a desired solution since the real model is quite more complex.






      I am thinking of having another worksheet in a dashboard that allow you to see workload at a glance by filtering dates and/or clicking Continent or Origin but I am wondering if what was proposed to me in the first place is possible at all. The table has the following hierarchy: Continent, Origin and Order.


      The workbook is made with Tableau 2018.1.4