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    When embedding the same dashboard multiple times


      Is there a way to assign different parameters to each dashboard when using JavascriptAPI and embedding the same dashboard multiple times?

      Viz (parentElement: domNode, url: string, options: VizCreateOptions)

      I am using this.


      For example, if there is a parameter specifying a date on a dashboard.

      Three on the same page, embed this dashboard,


      Dashboard 1: 2018/10/01

      Dashboard 2: 2018/10/02

      Dashboard 3: 2018/10/03


      In this way I want to set and display the view.


      If we specify three same URLs which simply changed parameters, we will have the following problems.


      · In the initial display, a view with a different parameter is displayed, but if you perform an operation such as mark selection, the parameters of the dashboard that was last loaded will be reflected.


      I believe that views embedded with URLs that point to the same dashboard are the specifications where parameters are shared on the same session.

      First of all, I think that there is a way to create a custom view for each parameter,

      If someone else knows how to avoid the above problem, please let me know.


      Thank you.




      By removing the following parameters that I had set up, parameter linkage between each dashboard no longer occurs.

      "render = false"



      However, after reloading the browser all the same mark selection on each dashboard remains.