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    adding Future years to existing dates based on projected years ?

    Naveen V

      Hello All,


      Thanks for looking at my post and Thanks in advance for helping me out on this issue.



      i have requirement like this below where i want to add the projected years to the exsiting years and show the bar graph with current year sales as target for future year .


      considering the sample super store data


      Target = 5000000

      Latest Year total is 733215

      always picking latest year total as target for each future year to generate how many years it takes to reach 5000000 target



      in this case


      total sales till date (2015 -2018) 2297201 and target 5000000,

      remaining sales to reach target = 5000000-2297201 = 2702799


      projected years = 2702799/733215 (latest year sales) = 3.68 (4 years)


      Now want to plot a bar graph for 2015 ,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022 years (as adding projected years after 2018) and

      show actual  till 2018 and then show 733215 as value for projected years  for every year form 2019 -2022.



      please help me to generate the  Year Field which shows the current year and future years in same field.





      attaching the sample store with all the calcs created , please help in creating the date calc that generate future years.


      Thank you all