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    How best to connect to O365 / SharePoint list data?

    Andre Schlender

      We have moved our SharePoint 2010 on premise sites to SharePoint Online recently.  In the old environment we have a Tableau report that loads in data from a SharePoint list through a web service call.

      The same call (with a different URL) still works in SharePoint Online if you open the content in a web browser.

      However we can't seem to establish the connection from Tableau to the SharePoint Online list.  The main change of course is the authentication method that has changed to OAuth.

      What is the best connector to use in this scenario? How would that need to be configured. By the way we are using Tableau 2018.1.

      Any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.


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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Andre,


          Have you tried the built in SharePoint Lists connector in Tableau Desktop? Or did you receive errors when using it?

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            Andre Schlender

            Hi Carisa,

            thanks for responding and prompting me to provide my solution.  And yes, I used the SharePoint list connector and couldn’t get it to work initially.  However, I wasn’t aware that this connector actually uses an OBDC driver under the hood. I thought these things were retired sometime in the last century. 

            Anyway the solution was to re-configure the driver with the new site collection and security details. Once that was in place the configuration of the SharePoint connector layer actually worked


            I still believe there must be another way because this approach would mean that you would only be able to connect to one SharePoint instance at the time.  This doesn’t matter in our case, but I would see this as a problem in scenarios where users had a hybrid SharePoint environment.

            Anyway, some small step for mankind .....


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              sandeep kumar

              Hi Andre,


              You can refer to the article to see if it helps:


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              Thanks for your understanding.



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