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    Want to open URL of image in same tab

    Gayathri J

      Hi all,

         I am facing problem when i try to click on the logo or image from tableau server.the problem after clicking on it, it takes me to a new tab but i wanted to open the URL in same tab.

      I used the following URL Google.com?:embed=yes&:linktarget=_parent in Set URL option.but it is not working as i wish.Hence could anyone please help to find out a way to get a solution for my problem.

      Please find the attachment for your reference.

      Many Thanks

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          Matt Lutton

          One possibility is to place a web page object on the actual dashboard, and pass the URL to that (using a simple URL action will automatically open the image in the web page object once this is set up).


          I know you may not love this option, but you could always make it happen on a second dashboard tab... so many possibilities!  There may also be a way to do exactly what you're asking, I just have not gone that route as of yet.


          Happy analyzing!