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    How to create bar charts and/or line charts using measures?

    Ian Tkach

      I work in a data-heavy department at a college/university; one of my current projects involves building a large data profile in Excel for upcoming reunion classes (5th-year reunion, 10th-year, etc) and creating "summary" visualizations in Tableau.


      One thing I'm struggling with is trying to create some charts to show how the "recent engagement" classification differs for each age year within a particular class.  I want to create a stacked barchart and a line chart, as seen in the "Recent Engagement graphs" attachment that I made in Excel (the larger file size).  However, whenever I drag "Age" and "FY16 Recent Engagement Classification" into the appropriate fields and select the stacked barchart format from the "Show Me" drop-down, it just uses the SUM(Age) modifier to add up everyone's age in a particular classification group (as seen in the "wrong format" attachment).  I've tried changing the type of measure being used (count or count-distinct instead of sum), changing Age from continuous to discrete, adding in "number of records", etc... but nothing seems to work.


      Additionally, when I look at the line chart options in "Show Me", Tableau seems to have a weird fixation with including a date field.


      Does anybody have any suggestions for how to tweak Age (or any Measure for that matter) to get a visualization closer to what I'm looking for?


      EDIT: Attached a condensed copy of the original Excel spreadsheet, per Meenu's suggestion.