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    How to make a record as a sub record to another record in tableau

    Nikhil Sahni

      I have some project names in the "Project" field in the tableau and some of these projects names are different than the other project names by two letters. I want to make these projects with extra letters as sub-projects to the projects with a similar name.

      For example. There are projects like

      1. ABC

      2. ABC-12

      3. FGH

      4. FGH-12


      6. FGH-00

      7. KLU

      8. KLU-77


      Now I want to display ABC-12 as a subproject to ABC, similarly FGH-12, FGH-78 and FGH-00 as a subproject to FGH and so on.


      I am currently displaying the lag time of all these projects individually with bars. I want to make my view in such a way that there is a drop down next to parent project lag time bar and then lag of subproject can be shown.


      I would really appreciate your help on this.