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    Can I build a scenario matrix using 2 parameters as axes?

    Fabrizio Bianchi

      I managed to make the last sheet in the attached .twb based on Superstore EU as a proof of concept for a What-if analysis/scenario matrix tool to compare a calculation against a threshold based on 2 parameters.

      The 2 axes are based on parameters and by moving them around one can see how they reflect on the sales forecast that changes color based on the Color settings.

      What I would like to have is a full matrix with all the valid values in the parameter ranges applied at once. This could be in the shape of an array of circles, a heatmap or, even better, an highlight table populated with the Sales Forecast values and conditionally formatted.

      Is this possible using parameters as axes?


      Attached file is a packaged workbook based on Superstore EU created using Tableau 2018.2.2