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    Tableau Server Installation


      Hello Experts,


      I have some Questions regarding Tableau Server, can you please help me with it..


      1)Can we install Tableau server, one node in windows 10 and other node in vmware windows 7??

      2)Can we install Tableau server, one node in PC and other node in Cloud/Tableau Online??

      3)Can we have different versions of Tableau server in different node??



      Kanthesh M.D

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Kanthesh,


          It's possible to have nodes in a Tableau cluster to run different versions of Windows OS though I'd think it would be easier to keep the same OS (at least for Production) so that for example, all nodes would get the same Windows OS patch versus having to apply different patches.


          Tableau Online is Tableau's "hosted solution".   So in this instance we provide customers the number of login accounts they would need and all of the underlying hardware is handled by Tableau.  The customer doesn't actually have access to this underlying hardware.


          Within a Tableau cluster, all nodes need to be running the same version.  If there's a mismatch, the Tableau cluster won't start up.