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    Multiple center of gravity on the map

    Olga Sergeeva

      I have a map with planty of producers that have different weight.

      I would like to define on a map some points that would be centers of gravity. Something like k-means clustering. I would like to vary number of clusters if possible.


      I know how to build one center of gravity. I know how to cluster data.

      But how to claster centers of gravity?


      Thank you for all comments!

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          Hello Olga,


          Thank you for posting in the Tableau Community Forums!


          Is there a possibility to share an image of the type of graph/ chart that is being attempted. I think I might have an idea but I am struggling to remember the name of the type of chart it is. But it distributes points evenly around a point on a graph. Similar I believe to the desired "centers of gravity".


          Look forward to hearing from you!



          Byrne, Patrick