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    Toggle between Measures based on a Dimension Filter selection

    Piyush Gaur

      Hi All,


      Hope you all are doing good. I am new to Tableau and looking for few answers.




      • I have 3 countries data in my DB, Australia, New Zealand & Turkey.


      • For Turkey only Profit is an applicable field, so I need to show profit on a worksheet.


      • For Australia & New Zealand Profit is not an applicable field, instead of Profit I need to show Discount.


      • Both Profit & Discount are already present in Measures.


      • I want to show both Profit & Discount on same tab on the basis of selection of ‘Country’ from filter.


      • Example: If user selects Australia, Yearly Discount of Australia should show up.

                                   If user selects New Zealand, Yearly Discount of New Zealand should show up.

                                   If user selects Turkey, Yearly Profit of New Zealand should show up.




      Please let me know how can I achieve this.