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    Creating a Union between Excel and Oracle

    Jannie Chung

      Tableau Desktop version 2018.2.3

      Tableau Prep version 2018.3


      Help ! I have been searching this forum for weeks, reading up many posts about making a Union in Tableau Desktop (and later to be published to Tableau Online) but I am still unable to get a result.  Did I miss out something?  Or there is no such feature at the moment?


      I have an Excel sheet having the monthly Sales Budget data.

      I have my Actual Sales data (from ERP system) in Oracle database in Amazon Cloud.


      My requirement is simple and straight forward, I just want to Union the 2 sets of data so that I can present the Sales vs Budget in Tableau Online.  I cannot use any of the Join due to:


      Excel sheet:

      Contains the budget data for some products, not a full list.

      Contains the full 12 months of budgeted data.


      Oracle database view:

      Contains the actual sales data for some products, not a full list.

      Contains only the YTD months of sales data.


      There is no index key for both the data sources, same product can repeats in multiple row because of different customer or branches or region.


      I have tried all sort of Join and Data Blend within Tableau Desktop, the result was always not complete due to none of the data sources carry full set of data.  Then, I read about Tableau Prep and successfully created a Flow that produces the data I want and happily imported to Tableau Desktop for formatting.


      Eventually, before I was about to publish to Tableau Online for my management to read, i realize there is no schedule update for Tableau Prep ! And Tableau Desktop only using a extracted worksheet from Tableau Prep, cannot refresh anything.


      So, my question is, how can I do a Union for different data sources and get it scheduled update so that I can have an accurate dashboard to be shown in Tableau Online?