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    Pivot error on another machine.

    Ahmad Naim Ahmad Rosdi

      Hi, I'm using excel with union and pivot as a data source.


      I have no problem opening it on my machine, but when I copied the packaged workbook to other machine I get an error.


      The other machine have no problem with union data source. The problem rise up after I pivot all numerical field.




      Both are using Tableau Desktop 2018.2.


      The workaround that I could do is changing the number datatype to string and the create a calculated field to convert the string as decimals but the total is not the same (up to thousand of difference) with the data as decimal from the beginning. I set the column as number in excel, and I can assure before pivot all the column detected as number by tableau.


      Some workbook with other excel files, union and pivoted works on other machine without issue.