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    Changing aggregations in Tableau

    Nishant Trivedi

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I am currently working on a small project where I have -


           1. My date field (in date time format - Event Date).

           2. Measure that I want to display (Suppose Emails Sent at each timestamp).

           3. A date filter which is pulling date for around 30 days and corresponding data for measure.


      IF  DATEDIFF('day', [Event Date], DATE(TODAY())) <= 34 and DATEDIFF('day', [Event Date], DATE(TODAY())) > 3

      THEN "Include"

      ELSE "Exclude"



      Now I want to show the max value for my measure' Email Sent' at day level not at timestamp level in past 30 days. This will be a single value which is going to tell me the max value of emails sent at one of the days for these past 30 dates. can anyone please help me with this small problem.