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    Data Manipulation / Pivoting Data Source to create stacked Bars.


      Hi all,


      Can you please give me a hand with the following issue:


      I know that for creating a stacked bar I need Dimensions added to Color and one measure.


      The problem is that my data is configured on a way that the calculated fields that I need for the stacked bars are measures instead of dimensions.


      In the past I pivoted the data source and I was able to create the stacked bars, the issue this time is that a few measures are Calculated fields, and Tableau do not let me pivot these fields.


      Please refer to the following screenshots:


      1) Multiple measures. I will need to pivot the data source to convert them into a dimension.




      2) Tableau do not let me pivot calculated fields:






      3)I need to create a single column stacking 1,2,3,4, and Idle Hours.


      Thanks in advance!!!