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    Issue getting accurate % of total for visible data

    Jose Jarabo



           So I am working on try to get a % of total in a view I have, and I simply cannot get it to work. I have tried using the quick table calc along with creating a Calculated field to find the % but every iteration I have tried I simply cannot get any accurate data. I would attach the workbook but it contains confidential data.. Having said that I built the below scenario into a Sample workbook attached.


      Data is structured as follows. It is a flat table(hyper made of 3 joins, Lets say table 1 is fruits, table 2 is plates, and table 3 is the one that correlates what fruits go on what plate).


      So I have a worksheet that lists all the fruits, and as part of the worksheet I detail the number of plates a fruit is present in. Now I want to display the percentage of the total "fruit" present in the visible worksheet in each row.


      Imagine in this scenario that there are 25 plates.




      Fruit     Plates     %

      Apple     20  

      Kiwi        10       

      Grape     5       


      So what I want here is to display the % of the fruit based on total of 35 plates in this case. So 20/35 should display 57.14%. This should also work when using TopN.. (I am using index() <=10 to display top 10)


      Any suggestion with the above scenario would be greatly appreciated.