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    RegEx: Extracting number (decimal) within quotes

    Tim Guth

      Hey Guys,


      I have a text file (long string field) and I need to extract a price (sometimes with thousands separator, sometimes with decimal places, sometimes as whole number).



      Long field stringDesired
      ABC 1 DEF (Diageo Special Releases 2017), 11.2%, Lorem Ipsum,23,"1,400"1,400
      Dada 40 didi, 10%,Lorem Ipsum,92,"7,500"7,500
      Lorem Ipsum, 1705 Lorem Ipsom, 11.1%,This That,10,"1,500.00"1,500.00
      Badumms 1541 35 lirum larum, 13.2%,Lorem Ipsum,50,"80,000/set"80,000
      Badumms 1145 10 Lorem Ipsum, 10.1%, Thingie Thangie,95,"$77,000 or $88,000/set"77,000
      Test Test 1857 test, 19%, Low Creativity,95,192192

      I need to extract the right column of the left one. Any ideas how to code the pattern? The thingies in red are the desired outcomes.