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    Comparing & Conditional Formatting

    Johnny K

      Hello guys


      i just wanna compare "Matt Abelman" Measure Values to "Willam Brown" and give conditional formatting Green if grater then and Red if less.


      any help is appreciated.


      Thank YouCapture.JPG

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          Joe Oppelt

          Assuming you don't really want to hard-code names in calcs, make two params ([Customer 1] and [Customer 2]) to let the user pick the two customers to compare.


          Then you will need to make a separate calcs for each measure:


          { FIXED : SUM( IF [Customer] = [Customer 1] then [Sales] END) } - { FIXED : SUM( IF [Customer] = [Customer 2] then [Sales] END) }




          If [That firs calc] > 0 then "Green" else "Red" END


          First get the FIXED calc working for each measure.  Then it really depends on what (and how, and where) you want to display things as to how we'll use the second one.