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    Display last selected record until new record is selected

    G HC



      I have a table following this structure:


      Fields are Customer, Category and Score



      Customer A - Category green - Score 4


      Now I have fous sheets:

      Sheet 1: single cell with count of all customers

      Sheet 2: single cell with count of customers in green category

      Sheet 3: single cell with count of customers in red category

      Sheet 4: single cell displaying score


      In the dashboard I have the four sheets plus a filter with the customer list.


      When I open it, sheet1 is selected and "Customer B" is selected on the filter, so everything looks fine. However, if I click on sheet2, customer list changes and shows only customers in green category, and no record is selected since "Customer B" is in red category. Therefore, sheet4 with the score displays multiple records instead of just one. Is there a way so that sheet4 displays the information related to initial selection (customer B) until a new record is selected?


      Thank you