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    Action filter between two sheets

    Nishanth Jenifer

      Hi Friends

      I am new to tableau and I have got a requirement from my client saying that He wants to navigate from one sheet to another sheet based on the filter applied

      For Example

      1. Sheet 1 should have filter section with different criteria and different data source with filter button

      2. User will select/enter the filter criteria (such as date selection, multiple country selection, product code, top 10000 records)

      3. Click on filter button based on the selected/entered filter criteria and navigate  the sheet 2 with list of records

      4. Please help me to achieve this


      I am looking forward to your help

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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          You just want to navigate to next dashboard when you click on something on the first dashboard right?


          Here I have superstore workbook, when I click on a particular State my action should take me to "Customer" dashboard and filter customers belonging to selected "State"


          Then Create the Action Filter,

          Select Source and Target Sheets and views.


          Now I click on a State (Oregon in my example) and it takes me to Customer dashboard and filters all the views to customers belonging to my Oregon.


          Hope this helps. Attached workbook.




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            Nishanth Jenifer

            Hi Shivaram,


            Thanks for your help. I need to navigate between two different work books based on the filter selected/entered as follows


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              Tim Dines

              If you need to switch between sheets using the filter, then you will need to lookup how to do a sheet swap with a filter.  If you really want to go from one workbook to another, then you will need a URL Action.  I seriously doubt that you want to do this.  Look into the sheet swapping if the action has to be on the filter.  A much easier thing to do is filter the current worksheet and then click on it to move to another sheet with this same filtering in place.