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    Tableau Prep System Error: Error opening database

    Todd Johnson

      I just upgraded to Tableau Prep 2018.3.1 today (on Mac OS 10.14), but with every file I try to connect to I get the same System Error on the first step of the flow:


      System error: com.tableau.loom.exceptions.InputNodeFailureException: Unable to run input node: Failure evaluating to database: PQstatus: 1, Error: error opening database


      Since there is no way to copy the error message, here is the full message:



      The Maestro... file does not exist at either of the paths shown above. I have now tried to connect to several different text and Excel files and all show the same error message.


      If I open up the sample superstore flow, then click the first item in the flow, I get the same error.


      I could not find uninstallation instructions for Tableau prep, so I used the Tableau Desktop uninstall instructions and tried to remove all of the preference and com.tableau files related to Tableau prep. I then rebooted and reinstalled, but I still see the same behavior.