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    fixed formula for average not working

    Alex Martino

      I have order ID's down a column. Occasionally, there can be multiple order ID's on separate rows.


      I want to get an average cost of a fee at the order ID level.


      I used this formula:


      {Fixed [Order Id]: sum([REAL REAL FIXED FEE])/sum([Quantity])}


      The problem occurs when there are more than 1 order ID row in the data set.


      For example


      ID 1, quantity 1, fee -3.19

      ID 1, quantiy 1, fee -3.19


      My formula calculates an average that is half of what it is supposed to be.


      Also another question is if I have a filter on the sheet, will the fixed formula ignore that filter? Because I want to ignore a specific type of order but it doesn't seem like it's doing that.