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    David Garcia

      For some reason Tableau is not summing correctly my information. I want to calculate the total reject % of the total rejects divided by total count, which in total should give me 7.9% based on a total of 73 rejects out of 924 total. What Tableau is calculating a reject % for each row and then summing close to 234%, instead of calculating the total rejects / the total count. What am I doing wrong? Please help! Here is my data.



      Ironer 11st1611,32510211332,018
      Ironer 11st1611,32510212002,018
      Ironer 11st1611,32510212112,018
      Ironer 11st1611,32510212-392,018
      Ironer 11st1611,325102120192,018
      Ironer 11st1611,32510212-3202,018
      Ironer 11st1611,325102120352,018
      Ironer 11st1611,32510212-2492,018
      Ironer 11st1611,325102127562,018
      Ironer 11st1611,325102128592,018
      Ironer 11st1611,325102128892,018
      Ironer 11st1611,3251021218892,018
      Ironer 11st1611,3251021215992,018
      Ironer 11st1611,32510212131292,018
      Ironer 11st1611,3251021231312,018
      Ironer 11st1611,3251021251362,018
      Ironer 12nd1611,32510212002,018