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    Pausing Stored Procedure


      I have a stored procedure that accepts a string, along with a start/end date.


      The "problem" I have is that the stored proc will run immediately whenever a user changes one of the dates. This means if the data is defaulted to sept-2018, and the user decides they want oct-2017 to nov-2017, then changing the start date will immediately kick off a run for oct-2017 to sept-2018 - before they even get the chance to change the end date.


      Really, the issue is that the stored proc is not pausing for all three parameters to be filled out at once before jumping the gun.


      Are there any solutions to stop the stored proc being run until the user wants it to? I.E. has finished filling out all three fields? The only thing I thought of was having a string parameter in which the user filled in the start/end date within a single parameter (but this isn't the most elegant solution).