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    Top N & Dimension Filters on Multiple Worksheets

    george dudley



      I have a data set for which I want to have a Top 5 and Bottom 5 for each of two measures, and I want them to be filterable by several dimensions.  One stumbling block is the the Top N comes before Dimension filters in the Order of Operations.  Thanks to the Forum I figured out how to overcome that with the Index function. I now have it to the point where I can filter by a dimension and I will get the top or bottom 5 relevant to the filter rather than the two or three values left in the predetermined top 5. 


      My problem now is that I want to put all four worksheets on one dashboard and have them all work with the same set of filters.  I can get it to work for the two "top" worksheets, but the "bottom" worksheets just go blank.


      I have put together and attached a very simple mock data set and workbook.


      I appreciate any insight y'all can give.


      Thank you, George