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    Help migrating script from Tableau 2018.1 to Tableau 2018.2.3 (TSM)


      Currently we are on Tableau Server 2018.1 but we want to update to 2018.2.3.

      Please advise how to migrate the following script from TABCMD to TSM:


      SET "TABLEAU_PATH=D:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.1\bin"

      REM login
      "%TABLEAU_PATH%\tabcmd" login -s https://myTableauSite -u user-p pwd


      "%TABLEAU_PATH%\tabcmd" refreshextracts --project "Engineering" --datasource "My Data Source" --synchronous
      "%TABLEAU_PATH%\tabcmd" refreshextracts --url "MyChart"
      timeout 60
      "%TABLEAU_PATH%\tabcmd" get "/workbooks/MyChart.twbx" -f "D:\Extracts:\MyChart.twbx"


      REM logout
      "%TABLEAU_PATH%\tabcmd" logout