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    Create Multiple lines in a graph (Low quartile, median, upper quartile, max)

    Marcus Neo

      Hi all,


      I am new to tableau and would really hope that someone will be able to help in this problem. I have been amazed by the helpfulness and friendliness this community is as well as the speed at which the community comes forth in solving problems. I believe this forum will be able to aid in solving my problem ! 


      I have been surfing around the forums for the past two weeks and am unable to seek a solution to this problem. It is for my work and my personal desktop does not have tableau so i apologise for the convenience but I am really in need of help! I have an excel file which consists of dummy data, which I have uploaded here. I intend to use this excel file data to create a graph in tableau. I have created this graph in excel (Shown in the picture below) and hope tableau could do that too!


      basically I have 2 Columns of data. The first column consists of dates and time in August, while the second column consists of numbers (Number of runs). I hope to use these two columns of data to create a chart which have 4 lines (Low quartile, median, upper quartile and max) with X axis as the time (Consisting of 24 data, from 12am to 12pm) and Y axis as the number of runs.


      Much appreciate anyone's help! Thanks!


      Best Regards,