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    Admission discharge Triangle   Average Vs Actual


      Hi All,


      I have an admission date , Discharge date and patient count.

      So I have to create an Admission Discharge Triangle and show completion rate of the patient count .

      I did this using below steps:

      1. Created a calculated field to get me the sum without January 1900. Because, this means patients are still not discharged.

      2. Running sum of above calculated field.

      3. running sum/total Patient count . I get the % of completion or tells me how much % patients are discharged .


      Now I have below two requirements which I am unable to do .


      Requirement 1:

      1. calculate the Average for the prior months i.e. what is the Average % of completion in month 1, month 2 etc  Vrs Actuals.

      2. If Actual >Average the Up arrow else if Actual < average  then Down arrow for each month.



      Requirement 2:

      1. Triangle has to be the mirror image. they want to see October month first and then decreasing.



      Can anyone please help me in getting these Requirement 1 and Requirement 2?


      I am attaching the Expected out put as this might have been confusing.