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    Percent of Total Distribution For Measure Value

    Balaji Subramani

      Hi Tableau professionals,


      I'm facing problem to get percentage of total distribution for the measure values in a report. The measure values not having quick table calculations to select percent of total like some other measures. I want achieve this to give desire output for the users. I could not share the workbook as it has important information

      Example scenario is I have 5 measure Measure 1,Measure 2,Measure 3,Measure 4,Measure 5 on measure values

      My calculation is like  measure 1, measure 2 = measure 1 - measure 2, measure 3= measure 2- measure 3,etc

      I need percentage distribution like measure 1 - 100 %, measure 2 - 80%, measure 3 - 55%etc,. Any help is appreciated