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    Apache Rewrite for URL Parameters

    Lukas Kulhanek

      I would like to do a rewrite of parameters in the URL, to prohibit/force the client to use the views in a certain way. As an example, I would like to transform the following URL




      so the toolbar will not be shown anymore. Of course, it could also throw an error message.


      This should easily be possible by modifying Apache to do a rewrite:


      RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*)toolbar=y(.*)$

      RewriteRule ^.*$ - [R=403]


      The change has been applied to / opt / tableau / tableau_server / packages / templates.20182.18.0627.2230 / httpd.conf.templ  (as you can see, running on Linux) and after a server restart the change can also be seen in / var / opt / tableau / tableau_server / data / tabsvc / config / gateway_0.20182.18.0627.2230 / httpd.conf. I have made sure, that "RewriteEngine on" is set.
      Unfortunately, the changes do not have any effect.


      Is there anything else I need to consider or that I might have forgotten?


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