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    Display latest single value (i.e. not aggregate) and date

    Andreas Nilsen

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to display the latest single value (i.e. not an aggregate like sum or average) together with the date belonging to the result for different projects (Proj 1-Proj 4) in a table, but I keep getting combined results. Does anybody know how to show the single values?


      Here is the expected result with the date column I'm using (Last date with value):


      ProjectLast date with valueIn time
      Proj 12018-04-01100,00%
      Proj 22018-01-01100,00%
      Proj 32018-01-0196,97%
      Proj 42018-04-01100,00%


      In my attached file Proj 1 doesn't work because the column In time is the average of the two dates 2018-01-01 and 2018-04-01, i.e. 97,37%. I want to get rid of the average and show only the latest value which is 100% on 2018-04-01 for Proj 1 in the data set. The In time column also contains empty rows on some dates, and these rows should not be shown, but the date measure already ignores them.


      I'm using Tableau version 10.4.1.



      BR Andreas