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    Several data connections + same width bars on dashboard

    Alexander Farr

      Hello everybody,


      I have created a dashboard comparing revenue by gender, churn and age group. In another Tableau Forum post (https://community.tableau.com/message/834772?et=watches.email.thread#834772 ) a user helped me how to have the same scale for gender and churn. But now I have two new issues:


      1. Is it possible to have the same width for all bars on a dashboard? This one does not look very nice:



      2. I have downloaded his tpwb and added a worksheet from a different file. Now the data looks as shown at the top left of the picture below.


      I am a bit scared that his idea with the reference lines and calculated fields does not work anymore when working with several data connections. As the data from the tpwb is exact to the one I copied in, is it possible to consolidate Mobile (4) and Mobile (4) (2)?



      I would really appreciate your help!

      Thank you