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    Navigation from Bottom to top of the dashboard

    te k

      Hi All,


      Height of my tableau dashboard is very large, hence it's having too much of scroll down. The challenge is if user wants to change filter selection at the top then again scroll up and down. So I am looking for an option that user click on "Go to Top" then there are 2 things which should happen-

      1. Redirect / Navigate user to Top of page - No need for scroll up
      2. Refresh the dashboard so there is no need to exclude & then include new filter - This is optional


      What I have done till now is -


      I have added a sheet at the bottom with text "Go to Top" and given an action on that. Keeping this file as source and "Home" sheet as the destination at the top of the page. Attached a screenshot of actions & sample tableau workbook.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          I do not see a feature within Tableau to enable this sort of view and I checked through some of the other alternative ways to navigate through dashboards but nothing covers the topic of in page navigation with a back to top type feature. 


          The closest Idea that I could find to this would be here - https://community.tableau.com/ideas/7135 


          I suggest that you vote this one up and maybe add your own thought about a navigation button that would enable you to go to the top, bottom, right or left of a view and the button could hover in a corner in some way.   The more recent versions of Tableau do have navigation buttons on the Dashboard design page but this is for navigating around to different pages and not within a page.



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            Paul Wachtler

            Hi te,


            If you have the dashboard published to Tableau Online or Tableau Server, if the user clicks the "Revert" button (above the dashboard) it will refresh the dashboard - which will bring them back to the top of the dashboard with the default filters selected (or none selected if that's how you have the default set up).