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    Bell Curve using Quantity field instead of count() only.

    Andreas Hinrichs

      Hi Forum,

      I have to create a bell curve diagram showing the distribution of yields. I.e. Imaging you have only one part you use and you want to know: Does it reach it's defined yield (e.g. 1,000,000 Units).

      Basic data are agregated on a machine Level showing the quantity used and the average yield the part reached.

      Exampl: Defined yield is 250,000. Machine A used 5 pieces with average yield 100,000. The loss compared to defined yield is 5x(250,000-100,00) = 750,000.

      How do I show this correctly as 5 instead of counting 1 record as in my workbook?

      I published the tbwx in Tableau public https://public.tableau.com/profile/andreas1488#!/vizhome/BellCurve1sttryHistogram/Blatt1?publish=yes

      Hope the loink works.

      Additionally I attached the TBWX


      thank you for your Support!



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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Andreas,


          I am not completely clear on what you're hoping to change or achieve in the workbook attached.  Can you mockup your expected results, giving us an idea of what the viz should look like when completed?


          I am not clear on what is counting a 1 where you want 5... any more detail you can add to clarify (screenshots, descriptions, etc.) will be helpful for getting you the assistance you need.


          Happy analyzing with Tableau!

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            Andreas Hinrichs

            Hello Matt,

            thank you for your answer.

            I found a solution this morning but would like to explain the request and solution in case someone else faces the same problem.

            I searched the Forums for "how to create a bell chart" and found the hint to use histogram to create bins, adapted the size of the bins to 10%.

            The measure was assigned to columns and rows was automatically filled with COUNT([MEASURE]).

            I searched for a possibility to get the weight of Quantity influencing the %.

            It's so pretty simple that I can't understand why I haven't had the idea instantly ...

            Instead of using COUNT([MEASURE]) I only have to use

            SUM([Quantity]) / TOTAL(SUM([Quantity])) for the percent to get the % distribution of Quanties. The bins still work as expected.

            I added the new chart to the published Version here: https://public.tableau.com/static/images/Be/BellCurve1sttryHistogram/Blatt1/1.png

            and attached the TBWX as file