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    Resample/Moving Average

    John Lovell

      Hi, this should be trivial, but I am stuck. My data arrives in burst of a few seconds, then nothing for maybe 30 to 45 minutes, then then another burst. Sometimes could be a burst 2-data points, sometimes could be six. Ok, no problem. All uploaded and plots prettily in Tableau. But now I would like to average all of the bursts, so it is not a WINDOW_AVG of a fixed number of rows, but over a certain range in time.


      But let's make it easy by assuming that what I will do is in fact always average over 6 data points. I am still stuck, and indeed this is my fundamental question:: how do I recreate a new dimension dataset for the newly averaged data. When I do the WINDOW_AVG it still remembers the times of each burst. I want Tableau to average those away. Essentially this is a resampling question.


      As I say, I'm sure it should be trivial (it is in Excel), but I am newbie at Tableau. Any pointers would be appreciated.