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    Specifying the date range for a date range filter

    Mitchell Stone

      Good afternoon smart people!


      I have been banging my head up against the wall for a while and Dr Google has not pulled through for me.


      I have a crosstab that has the possibility of containing a very large amount of data over a long period of time (years)


      I'm trying to narrow the date range down a bit so the user can still specify a range of dates easily.


      The image shows the date range selector and because it is over a long period of time, it is hard get specific dates. On the left i have a parameter that I'm trying to use to specify how many months the date range selector will show but i cant seem to figure it out.


      If there are any other ways or better ways of doing this, I'm all ears!


      I am unable to share the workbook but if you require some more specific details, please let me know.


      Thanks team!