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    Percentage of filtered group

    Altin Shala



      New member on forum and my first post.

      I have been checking training videos and tableau materials online.


      Trying to solve the following problem:

      1. Dummy dataset with subject, gender and mark columns with 25 rows
      2. Filtering by subject and gender shows 10 rows (e.g. Maths and female from excel)
      3. Trying to show filtered percentages for each mark from step 2, but not sure how to go about it.
      4. e.g. 5 rows for mark 2, I'm expecting to see 50%, but it shows from the total of all a value of 62.5.


      I'm sure I'm doing some wrong calculation, or maybe need a calculated field.

      Appreciate any advice.


      twbx file attached, thanks