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    Top N Parameter (part 2)

    A Je

      Can I use a filter and select 2015 AND 2018 and see the agents  with most records in each of those years in the same view (those agents may not necessarily be the same).


      I am not asking to add 2015 and 2018 and show me the agents with the most records after the aggregation.


      Now that I have the context filter in place, I see certain agents when I select 2018; however, the 2018 agents change when I also select 2015 (the 5 agents in 2015 AND 2018 are now all the same).


      I am obviously forgetting s/thing or do not understand s/thing. 


      Any additional help you provide is appreciated

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          Jim Dehner

          see the attached

          just create the ranking  as


          if you want to have a top N add a parameter

          and a filter


          add to the filter shelf and you can get this


          or stacked like this



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