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    Exclude blank cells from being Included in Average Calculation of a Row

    Lisa Geller

      I have several lists columns of data, most of which contain blank cells.  These cells should remain blank and are purposely left blank.  I cannot seem to figure out how to create a formula that will calculate the average of the cells that only contain values.  Tableau keeps including the blank cells in the calculation, which is artificially lowering my average.  Again - these cells are blank - they are not null cells.




      Here is a screenshot:



      For example - the column LOS Admit has only 22 cells that contain a value.  There are a total of 86 rows.  Tableau keeps calculating the average by summing up the values and then dividing by 86 - I would like it to divide by 22.  I have tried multiple combinations of Window_Count in my denominator but with no success.


      I can filter the blank cells out and get the correct answer but would like to try and figure this out without doing that as the filter will alter the averages of my other rows of data.