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    How to set a default setting for graph before and after filter/parameter (Not going back to All)

    Janice Ip

      Hi my data below has 3 dimension I need to filter

      Date - Month

      District - North, South, West, East, Central, and Full Region 

      nationality - Local, international


      So Here is the catch. The reason I want to default setting is because

      Count of Full region Count of total of 5 district


      Full Region represents All districts ( North, South, West, East and Central)

      but the count of the 5 district does not fully represents the count of the Region


      I don't want my view to return to All because All will include count for Full Region

      I also don't want to exclude Full Region


      I want to set the default setting where the graph will show Full Region as initial View and return to Full Region once filter or parameter is undone.