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    Changing the parameters in the API Call

    Stephen Crocker

      I'm new to this programming stuff so please bear with me.

      I'm wanting to build a WDC that will connect to darksky.net's api for weather.  That's the easy part.  The hard part (which I'm needing help doing) is how can I construct a list of variables, Lat and Long which are required for the api to get the location, into the Get command and loop through it.


      So something like this


      Get "<api URL>\lat, long and put it that Json into an object table or something, then go get the next set of Lat, Long and do the same thing.


      Is this possible?  If So could someone help out or point me a direction on how to do this.   I have the list (5128) different Lat and Long coordinates in Excel right now but CSV, Something else for the API to read it and put it into the url for the loop.



      Hope all of this makes at least a little bit of since.