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    What is going on with Tableau Public maps? (Help please!)

    Amanda Curcio

      For some reason a map that displays perfectly fine in the software program looks terrible online. It's just a blob of color and it is frozen on one school district. This problem is not occurring just with this new map I made of chronic absences. It is also occurring on maps made in the past that for more than a year had no problems displaying correctly. It is occurring on maps that were made by another user in my workplace. I already tried re-saving it with a new name, restarting the program, etc.  I attached screen shots to show what I am talking about.


      This is for a story that is set to run on Sunday and if anyone has quick tips or suggested solutions that would be really appreciated! Or is this a Tableau issue?

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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi Amanda,


          I'm aware of some problems yesterday in Public with polygon rendering, but I think those have mostly been cleared up.  If you are still having issues with polygon rendering, can you let me know:

          * What version of Tableau are you using?

          * What is the source of the spatial data in your workbooks (e.g., shapefile, etc.)

          * Can you send the link to the public workbooks?

          * Can you attach a workbook that isn't working correctly in Public?



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